First Friday

"At the Water's Edge"

Tish Ann Wiley

Friday, October 1, 2021

5-8 pm

Turnagain Brewing

7920 King Street

Tish Ann Wiley’s artistry has a full spectrum of expression from singing, song writing, performance art, visual arts and the healing arts. Over the past several decades her creative interests have drawn her into the healing arts as a Massage Therapist.  The visual artist within always yearning to take an art class or set up some time and space to work on a print or painting. Decades of learning from nature and thinking about the painting process, sitting still, observing, softening the eyes to light and nature’s willingness to shift its pallet of color from season to season, hour to hour. 

       In 2020 Tish Ann began working with Acrylic paints. There was a freedom (quarantine days) that made the work feel like a walk in nature. Each piece began with an abstract and within the exploration of texture, color and light the pieces organically revealed the element of water and the intimate spaces of trees and fauna. Each painting took on its own natural evolution, from its application (brushes, sticks, pallet knives, credit cards, finger tips) to the using a process of elimination much like a carver, scraping away and pushing paint around with play-full delight in the making of this series.